Privacy Policy

Last Updated 03/10/2022

1. What information is collected?

We collect the following user personal data: IP address, username, email, crypto wallet address, online forum activity; including but not limited to Discord and Telegram, and form responses shared by Open Lab Zug under the trademark LabDAO.

We may collect and process personal data in order to provide our services, including: email address, Discord handle, and Ethereum wallet address, performing any contractual obligations.

We may collect and process additional personal data, for specific purposes conditional to the data subject consent, or simply to comply with the law or any judicial order.

We will get in touch with the data subject every time the consent to process any data is required. The consent can be withdrawn at any time per request using any of our contact details below.

2. How is the information collected?

Information provided by the user. We collect personal information that the user provides directly through various channels:

3. How is the information used?

We may use the collected information for the following purposes:

4. How the information is shared

We only share information with third party contractors, bound by obligations of confidentiality, in connection with the processing of your personal information for the purposes described in this Policy, such as, but not limited to, IT and communications service providers, third parties relevant to the services, including regulators, authorities and governmental institutions.

We may transfer personal information outside Europe. In such cases we ensure that it is protected and transferred in a manner consistent with legal requirements applicable to the information.

5. Information Security

We ensure that the personal information collected is subject to appropriate security measures.

We only keep the strictly necessary information for a limited period of time and as long as is necessary for the relevant purpose - and also for as long as it is necessary to comply with legal obligations, laws or regulations, which may set a minimum period for which we keep the users personal information.

6. Exercise of Rights

The user is entitled to a certain number of legal rights in relation to the personal information that we may process about the user. These rights can be exercised at any time by contacting us using the details set out below.

The user has the right to:

7. Contact

For further information on the collection, use, disclosure, transfer or processing of personal information or the exercise of any of the rights listed above, please contact us by sending an email to