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LabDAO and its partners are developing an open-source network of computational tools and labs that give researchers the ability to focus on their strengths. We’re enabling scientists to research at industry pace.

with just a laptop you can access:


A JupyterHub for all your collaborators to run tools for small-molecule docking, RNA-Seq analysis, protein design, etc.

Compute Infrastructure

One petabyte of cloud storage and distributed compute infrastructure.

Wet-Lab Access

Over 3000 contract labs for wet-lab experiments.

Decentralized Infrastructure

Decentralized Infrastructure

Decentralized Infrastructure

Lets write the next chapter of Open Science together.

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  "input": [    
       "name": "gp47_tail",      
          "max_template_date": "2022-01-01",
         "mode": "monomer_single",
         "weights_download_url": "",        
          "db": "full",        
          "is_prokaryote": 0      

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